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Groom slammed for wearing t-shirt and shorts to his wedding while bride wore a gown – World News

A picture of the couple was posted on Reddit, showing the groom wearing cargo shirts, a black T-shirt and white sports socks – while his wife wore a stunning gown

Reddit users were shocked to see his choice of attire, especially considering his wife wore a beautiful gown

A groom has been heavily criticised for choosing to wear a t-shirt and shorts to his own wedding – while his wife wore a gown.

In a post on Reddit, the groom is dressed extremely casually despite the bride donning a white, embellished ballgown to their Pokémon theme wedding.

The wedding appears to be taking place in a house – which could explain the groom’s casual attire – with Pikachu themed snacks displayed on the table.

The groom is seen wearing cream-coloured cargo shorts and a baggy black graphic t-shirt, with the image captioned: “The groom’s idea of dressing for the occasion…”

The picture shows the couple cutting the cake with huge sword.

The groom has been criticised for dressing inappropriately on his big day

One person said: “Why wear that and look like you haven’t showered when the person you are marrying clearly went all out? I can just picture parents on the sidelines of this cringing inside.”

“It literally looks like he rolled up from his mom’s basement where he was playing World of Warcraft to cut the cake,” said another reddit user.

But, some users came to the groom’s defence.

One person said: “If she truly didn’t care and he doesn’t either, then by all means I think it’s fine.

“It’s a bit odd and out of the norm, but if they both are fine with it, then so am I.”

However some users speculated that the casual wedding outfit could even suggest their marriage is doomed.

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