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Man who said ‘if I die, it was my wife’ found dead with murder probe launched – World News

The man’s death was at first not thought to be suspicious, as he had a cancerous tumour – but a text found on his phone has led to investigators opening a murder probe.

Turin murder
The night before he died, he sent a text message to his lover warning her if something happened to him

A man has been found dead shortly after allegedly texting his lover “If I die, it was my wife”, sparking a murder investigation.

A 50-year-old man, identified by the abbreviation ‘RT’, was found dead in his apartment in Turin, Italy, earlier this year after his wife notified emergency services.

His death on April 4 was initially not thought to have been suspicious, as it was known that he had a cancerous tumour in his oral cavity.

The cancer had become crippling and he also had an alcohol addiction, so his death was not thought to be extraordinary, local media reports.

It was initially thought that he had died of cancer and alcoholism



However, suspicions began to rise after his unnamed mistress informed the police of some text messages he had sent her before he died.

He had allegedly sent her a message saying: “If I die it was my wife.”

The woman, who lives on the other end of the country in Apulia, notified the Carabinieri – a military-linked Italian police force.

After performing an autopsy at the public prosecutor’s request, it was found that the man had suffered internal injuries when he died.

The nature of the injuries are consistent with the injuries caused when being strangled to death.

Police were also told the man allegedly argued with his wife a lot.

These facts have led officers to grow suspicious of the circumstances around his death.

His death has now become a murder investigation, and his wife has been listed as a suspect – although she has not been arrested

The probe is still in its early stages as inquiries continue.

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